Apr 29 2010

It Begins

Our induction has begun. It’s now hour four of our hospital stay where Holli is being induced.

Yesterday, at her weekly checkup, there was trouble getting the baby’s heartbeat. So, they sent Holli upstairs to get an ultrasound, thinking the baby was breach. When they looked, he was thankfully not breach, but it appeared that her amniotic fluid level was low. It was 5.4 when it should have been 8.

Since we’re so far along, with only a scant few days left, Holli’s doctor decided to schedule an induction for the next day. So, here we are, starting what could be a 48 hour process.

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Apr 25 2010

DFK 105: Math Is Hard

1. Welcome

2. How big you’re getting!
* # of weeks / weeks left
* Latest ultrasound
* Baby shower

3. Follow-up on equipment we own and have purchased
* Car seats inspected. 2 bases for 2 cars
* Mattress came!

4. Future Plans

5. Outtro

P.S. It was cut from the episode, but Holli said something that reminded me of this Kids in the Hall sketch, and I felt I should share it, even out of context.